No Food Waste
2022-12-06 11:29:22 | 2 Mins. Read
  • 10 best numbering facts about No Food Waste are explained below have a look
  • We are in 17 major cities in indian soon we will spread 10 more cities in india
  • Up To now we have served and saved without wasting 835,468 we are soon double this numbers
  • By collecting the food before wasting we have saved around 8 cr revenue has been saved by us
  • We have picked and distributed food 96% times, provided food to a million hungry people, saved nearly 321 tonnes of food, which amounts to nearly Rs 4.87 crores.
  • We have 557 numbers of volunteer across the 10 cites and number is increasing day-by-day
  • Conducted 10000 old people covid vaccination drive in the pandemic situation
  • We have around 10 picking vane around the city to collect the remaining food in the 10 major cities
  • 2 free running ambulances are there with for emergency help in hyderabad
  • Totally we will around 500 call excess food call through the city we will collect the food and distribute to people
  • We have awared as Swachh Bharat Award 2017 for “Best Innovative Practices Outstanding Youth Award 2017 – State Govt. of Tamilnadu The International Visionary Award 2015

Finally , lets taking to forward No food waste is one of the best non profitable NGO’s in india and we are moving all the numbers to the forward and we will give your best in fight against hunger

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