No Food Waste
  • Celebrate your special with needy and orphans people
  • Birthday and life time-events are special days for your life . Then Make It some more special by celebrating with orphans and needy people . Book your day from calling us at your specific cities you are living in . That day you can directly join us for the event .

    By this gesture you we also gain some satisfaction and by this your children feel more responsible make them roots develop well toward volunteering.

    New India is changing towards humanity and helping nature 30 % of people contributing all the special days of their life Hoping for Increasing the percentage. So be the start no fixed amount you can donate as much you can ,and you can donate cooked food But it must be untouched .

    every one take there pledge to start donate as much as you can donate no fixed charges we will share your website link you can directly donate , else If you want to donate food

  • Volunteering gives you good vibes
  • If you help the people we will get some satisfaction and a good vibe will carry throughout life .Mainly for kids and youth ages around (18- 30 ) must do volunteering as one day a week make it as a challenge , you will definitely feel high motivation and improves your behaviour

    Alone we can give some things by joining your hands we can do so much , we can become your volunteer no joining fees are contribution charges and you can attend the events at your flexible days and flexible times

    So finally, start your new volunteering life join us we can directly call us to your pos and you can fill the volunteering form we will contact you fill your info here

    Zero hunger

    When you are in no food waste we can directly fight with hunger and your finale aim is zero hunger .By us we are serving 10,000 plates across cities per Day and we hoping to increase your force and awneers for the people to stop food waste

    As per statistics, major amounts of food is wasted and sent to landfills major waste comes from households and with hotels and offices. Our main motto is to recuse the food waste and stop people sleeping with hunger

    Be a fighter against the hunger we are looking for active contribution and make more food must go to the hunger people

  • In Covid Times how we responded
  • In covid time we worked 24*7 we served the food and buttermilks and cooldrinks and many more as our major sponsors has contribution we have supplied .main thanks to the contributors They helped us to conduct these activities .

    Major activity we have done is covid pandemic , we have conducted registration for old age people and covid affected people for vaccination drives . we have conducted vaccination drive for more than 1000 people that was over best achievement and many.

    In pandemic times many volunteers came forward for food and money distribution for the poor people and hungry people

  • Spreading your string to next major cities
  • Presently we are in 17 major cities in India. It's very proud to say this . And we spread your wings to the next 10 major cities in India like delhi , mumbai, kolkata ,pune and we are ready when people in the other can start no food waste in there city we are ready for that .

    It is a chance that the people in the other cities in India are interested in starting no-food -waste in their own city. We are ready to give the approval . first prepare a 5 batch of people in your city and start no-food waste in your own city


    We are finally words to join the no food waste and these are the 5 best things that will happen when we are joined in nood food waste .

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