No Food Waste
2022-12-06 11:05:42 | 3 Mins. Read

How we started No food waste and process we do for food pickup we will let you know.

Padamanaban Gopalan started no food waste in 2014. His main idea to come up with no food waste is to control food waste in Indian marriages and function and companies and from households.

As of 2020, 67 Millions of food are wasted in which is valued at 92,000 crores and the food is sent to landfills , we come here to control the waste of food and help the people to fight against hunger.

For every marriages and function around 100 plates to 150 plates of food are wasted .so In that situation please make a call for us, we will come to your place and check the quality of food and we will pack them into packets transport them through the van to the identified hunger spots and old ages home and people and roads we distribute them with love.

We check the quality of food and pack them into packets and within 3 to 4 we will distribute them to the people .we have a kitchen in the Chennai we cook the food and serve the needy

We are working in the 14 major cities Coimbatore, Chennai ,Salem, erode, tadepalligudem, Hyderabad, Karimnagar , dharmapuri ,Tirppur , warangal , mahabood nagar , salem , trichy, nizamabad. And soon we are growing to 10 more cities in throughout the India.

Our main motto is to “ feed people Not landfills “ . A major percentage of excess food is going to Trash and landfills, we are trying to stop this situation and control food waste.

Now we are 557 volunteers are working in 14 cities In serving food and new volunteer are join your program with great interest, and we are served 864,739 plates of food till now served to needy people.

We celebrate the #Share your special Day event so you have a chance to donate food and money to us. We can distribute to needy people. so make the special day of your life to more beautiful day of your life by helping the needy and spreading your love.


So In final words about No food waste is we are India's best Non- Profitable NGO in food saving. so think once before wasting food because many people are fighting with hunger and let's stop them and we can fight against the hunger.

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