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Chapter Hyderabad

No food waste Hyderabad chapter was started on 7 October 2019 In the span, we have 250 volunteers we are looking for more volunteers to join and helps us to grow bigger.

Every day in an average of 25 excess food phone calls we receive and we have 6 food-collecting vans and one free ambulance are running in the city . so we go to the destination and we check the quality of untouched food we packed the food into the packets and we packets are loaded to the vans.

we identified the hunger spot throughout Hyderabad city and distribute the food to the needy people with love.

The director of the Hyderabad chapter is K.Venkata Murali and you can contact them through phone number are 9866006269 are else just fill the form here we will get in touch with you through this link

In the Hyderabad chapter In an average of 1200 plates of food is served to the people every day And we have almost served 1 million joyful pates of food to date. We are attending 70 % of food calls as of now we will spread your wings to a higher extent and serve more people and win against Hunger.

Now we are volunteering in 10 major cities in India and we soon spreading our wing to NEW DELHI and Banglore and Mumbai and Pune and many more cities are in pipeline.

Chapter Achivements

In an aim to bolster our spirit, we have been awarded many times by various agencies. Some of the awards include-

On an average of 1200 plates of food served every day.

We conducted a covid-19 vaccination drive and vaccinated around 10000 people.

We are proud to say that we are one of the best no profitable NGO organization in India.

Recently we have collaborated with the biggest brands like Dabur India, Apollo Hospitals, and many top brands are on the streamline.

Amongst many others, but the true accolade was preventing food waste and seeing the smiles of pleasure.

How to Join our Team

Every chapter of no food waste has a directed and we can directly contact them
Are else fill the volunteer form and specify the area your willing to participate
We are have providing address and email id of every city

For Hyderabad :


flat 022, sanali heavens, Srinagar colony, Pincode 500073


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