No Food Waste

NFW Trainings

No Food Waste operates at 12+ cities and 5+ states with more than 5k+ food handlers. NFW trainings is a FSSAI empanelled FoSTaC training partner, which have conducted more than 200+ food safety awareness and hands-on training programs to schools, colleges and institutions.

Why FoSTaC ??

FSSAI has mandated each Food Business must have atleast one trained and certified Food Safety Supervisors under FoSTaC, for every 25 Food Handlers in each premises.


About FoSTaC Courses

FoSTaC enlists 17 types of Competence based certification programmes. Duration of each course is of 8 to 12 hours spreading over 1 to 2 days. Course have been developers by domain experts and visited by expert committee of FSSAI. Training manuals are based on general hygiene or manufacturing practices as detailed under schedule 4 of FSS Regulation courses have been divided into following 3 levels.


Basic level certification are meant for food business operators and as well as for food science background students. Duration of each course is of 4 hours.Course are: –

1. Street Food Vending

2. Catering

3. Manufacturing / Processing

4. Storage & Transport

5. Retail & Distribution


Advance level certification are meant for State & Central Licensed food business and as well as for food science background students. Duration of each course is 8 hours. Course are: –

1. Catering

2. Manufacturing / Processing

3. Storage & Transport

4. Retail & Distribution


Special course have been developed for high risk food business or The food business which require special attention. Duration of special course is 8-12 hours. Spread over 1-2 days. Course are: –

1. Milk & Milk Products

2. Meat & Poultry

3. Fish & Sea Food

4. Packaged Water

5. Bakery (Level 1)

6. Bakery (Level 2)

7. Edible Oil and Fat

8. Health Supplement


Section 16 (3) (h) of FSS Act mandates that Food Authority shall ensure training of Food Business Operator. In this line, FSSAI has developed training ecosystem which will create trained food handlers who will be called as Food Safety Supervisor.


Any person who are in business or intend to become involved in food business, whether as food business operators or employees or otherwise.


Students who have completed/pursuing under or post-graduation in food science/nutrition/hospitality or other allied fields.



Become a Certified Food Safety Supervisor

All Food Business Operators can send food safety personnel for training.
Any individual intend to start a food business or in the business can register for food safety supervisor course.