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Our Vision

We are envisioned to make the World Hunger Free and Zero Food Waste through innovative solutions and methodologies and also creating a Global Social Impact. Let's Feed People Not Landfills!

Our Mission

Feeding needy and in-distress people by surplus food (both pre-packaged and fresh and cooked food) recovered through standard safety procedures and promote innovation in surplus food recovery and distribution
To sensitize people about food waste through facilitating standardized food waste auditing methods and to provide alternative solutions for spoiled or wasted food
Raise awareness about food loss and food waste amongst citizens and bring about behavioural change in them to prevent food waste through guidance and good practices
Raise awareness amongst food businesses by encouraging them to adopt best practices to reduce food loss and food waste in their supply chain, production and distribution cycle
Provide policy, regulatory, strategy and programme support for food loss and waste reduction initiatives through coordinated efforts.
We are working in alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and Goal 12 (Responsible Production & Consumption) to make the "World Hunger Free" and "Zero Food Waste"

Our Innovative & Simple 4 Steps to address Food Waste & Hunger

We are envisioned to make the World Hunger Free and Zero Food Waste through innovative solutions and methodologies and also creating a Global Social Impact
Our goal is to ensure, Feed people not landfills.
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Donors with surplus food/resources can reach us at -91 90877 90877

Quality check

Excess Food will be checked based on our Food Safety and Standard Guidelines


We spot the nearest “Hunger Spot” which is the most underserved areas


Excess food is distributed to needy people with love.

15 million plates of joyful food

Wedding for a cause” a documentary by CNN’s Great Big Story.

Our Partners

“Close to a billion people – one-eighth of the world's population – still live in hunger. Our trusted supporters help us to fight against hunger.We are Member Candidate of The Global Food Banking Network

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is No Food Waste?

No Food Waste is a food recovery and food waste management network that helps connect individuals and businesses with excess food to people in need. We approach the issue of hunger with a sharing-economy model: the donation of excess food enables a vital, yet often wasted, resource to be used to its full capacity.

No Food Waste is an edible food Recovery Project which serves the surplus excess foods from Weddings , Parties , and other events, to the hungry and deprived. This is achieved through a Hot- line number in the City along with a dedicated collection Mini Van. The system works thus. Once we receive a call from the donor at our hotline number, we reach the respective collection point with our volunteers and necessary access

ories depending on the volume of food along with our “FOODIVA”, a vehicle specially equipped by our team for excess food collection.


Where and when it is started?

It just started with 2 Shopper Bags and a volunteer to collect the surplus food and deliver to the homeless through Public Transportation System from October 16th , 2014 at Coimbatore.


How NFW is different from others?

Our use of technology makes No Food Waste unique in three ways: we are able to provide our services on-demand, deliver data analytics AND we’re scalable. Coimbatore is our first step on a path to end global hunger


Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Shoot us an email at , Reach us in our helpline 90877 90877